George Horace Bessell 1a

Birth Name Bessell, George Horace
Gender male
Age at Death 84 years, 2 months, 10 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1913-06-23 Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia  
Death 1997-09-03 Clearview, South Australia.  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Robert George Bessell
Mother Sarah Ann Theresa Were
    Sister     Irene Bessell
    Sister     Rosina M Bessell
         George Horace Bessell
Father Robert George Bessell
Stepmother Annie Whitehead
    Half-sister     Florence Rosina Bessell
    Half-brother     Frederick George Washington Bessell
    Half-sister     Ophelia Margaret Bessell
    Half-sister     Edith Hilda May Bessell
    Half-brother     Robert George Bessell


    Family of George Horace Bessell and Kathleen May Haines
Unknown Partner Kathleen May Haines


  1. Robert George Bessell
    1. Sarah Ann Theresa Were
      1. Irene Bessell
      2. Rosina M Bessell
      3. George Horace Bessell
        1. Kathleen May Haines


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