Hilda Jean Buckland

Birth Name Buckland, Hilda Jean 1 2
Gender female
Age at Death 52 years


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1917 Prahran, Victoria, Australia 1917,23716,,Coyle,Hilda Jean,,Coyle Marg Ann,Prahran1917,23716,,Buckland,Hilda Jean,Charles Frederick,Coyle Margaret Ann,Prahran,
Residence 1958 Burnley, Victoria, Australia  
Death 1969 Victoria, Australia 1969,17617,,Davidsen,Hilda Jeanett,Buckland Charlotte,Coyle Margaret Anne,Park,51,


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Charles Frederick Buckland
Mother Margaret Ann Coyle
    Sister     Winifred Frances Buckland
    Sister     Myra Buckland
    Brother     Harry William Buckland
         Hilda Jean Buckland
    Brother     Charles Frederick Buckland
Father Charles Frederick Buckland
Stepmother Jannet Evelyn Johnson
    Half-brother     Charles Norman Buckland
Father Charles Frederick Buckland
Stepmother Margaret Dempster
    Half-sister     Blanche Buckland
Stepfather Ezra Joseph Rigg
Mother Margaret Ann Coyle
    Half-sister     Marie Coyle


    Family of Karl Wilhelm Davidsen and Hilda Jean Buckland
Unknown Partner Karl Wilhelm Davidsen


  1. Charles Frederick Buckland
    1. Margaret Ann Coyle
      1. Winifred Frances Buckland
      2. Myra Buckland
      3. Harry William Buckland
      4. Hilda Jean Buckland
        1. Karl Wilhelm Davidsen
      5. Charles Frederick Buckland


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