Rose Elizabeth Cooper

Birth Name Cooper, Rose Elizabeth 1a 2 3
Also Known As Cooper, Rose May
Gramps ID P545
Gender female
Age at Death 32 years, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1885-09-03 Port Adelaide, South Australia, Australia  
1b 2
Residence 1887 South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia  
Residence 1914 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia  
Death 1917-09-15 Collingwood, Victoria, Australia 1917,08186,,Waghorn,Rose Elizabeth,Cooper Joseph,Warner Elizabeth,Collingwood,33
Burial 1917-09-17 Coburg, Victoria, Australia Reg No 17991 Location COE*E***220 Area CHURCH OF ENGLAND Surname WAGHORN Given Names ROSE ELIZABETH Age 32


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Joseph Richard Cooper [P58]
Mother Elizabeth Warner [P547]
    Sister     Sarah Ann Cooper [P546]
    Brother     Joseph Talbot Cooper [P541]
         Rose Elizabeth Cooper [P545]
    Brother     Charles Edward Cooper [P544]
    Sister     Lillian Flora Violet Cooper [P543]
Father Joseph Richard Cooper [P58]
Stepmother Sarah Ann Williamson [P57]
    Half-brother     John Edward Cooper [P72]
    Half-sister     Amelia Rickards Cooper [P68]
    Half-sister     Rachel Louisa Cooper [P52]
Stepfather Louis Henry Frick [P2119]
Mother Elizabeth Warner [P547]
    Half-brother     David Frick [P2120]
    Half-brother     Louis William James Frick [P2123]


    Family of Edward Henry Waghorn and Rose Elizabeth Cooper [F1044]
Married Husband Edward Henry Waghorn [P2136]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1903 Victoria, Australia 1903,03936,,Cooper,Rise Elizabeth,Waghern,Edward,Adelaide,


  1. Joseph Richard Cooper [P58]
    1. Elizabeth Warner [P547]
      1. Sarah Ann Cooper [P546]
      2. Joseph Talbot Cooper [P541]
      3. Rose Elizabeth Cooper
        1. Edward Henry Waghorn [P2136]
      4. Charles Edward Cooper [P544]
      5. Lillian Flora Violet Cooper [P543]


Source References

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        Birth date: 1885 Birth place: Portland, South Australia

      • General:

      • Source text:

        Birth date: 1885 Birth place: Portland, South Australia

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