William Leslie Barnett 1a

Birth Name Barnett, William Leslie 2 3 4 5
Gender male
Age at Death 33 years, 8 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1897-12-26 Horsham, Victoria, Australia  
2 3 4
Death 1931-09-07 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 648 BARNETT, William Leslie 26 Dec 1897 7 Sep 1931 33 Hus of Gladysfthr of Walter & Violet, William, Wesley & Margaret http://pennywisepc.com/leeft/cd/HORSHAMB.HTM#barnett


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Henry Arthur Barnett
Mother Sarah Blake
    Sister     Sarah Barnett
    Sister     Mary Ann Barnett
    Sister     Harriett Emily Marguerite Barnett
    Brother     John Thomas Barnett
    Brother     Henry Walter Barnett
    Sister     Beatrice Elizabeth Barnett
    Brother     Ernest Barnett
    Brother     Louis Barnett
    Brother     George Hercules Barnett
    Sister     Ruby Sylvia Barnett
    Sister     Violet Hazel Barnett
         William Leslie Barnett
    Brother     Hugh Royal Barnett
    Brother     Herbert Harold Baden Barnett
Stepfather Johan Herman Harders
Mother Sarah Blake


    Family of William Leslie Barnett and Gladys Ruby Burrell
Married Wife Gladys Ruby Burrell
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1920 Victoria, Australia 1920,07314,,Barnett,William Leslie,Burrell,Gladys Ruby,,


  1. Henry Arthur Barnett
    1. Sarah Blake
      1. Sarah Barnett
      2. Mary Ann Barnett
      3. Harriett Emily Marguerite Barnett
      4. John Thomas Barnett
      5. Henry Walter Barnett
      6. Beatrice Elizabeth Barnett
      7. Ernest Barnett
      8. Louis Barnett
      9. George Hercules Barnett
      10. Ruby Sylvia Barnett
      11. Violet Hazel Barnett
      12. William Leslie Barnett
        1. Gladys Ruby Burrell
      13. Hugh Royal Barnett
      14. Herbert Harold Baden Barnett


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