Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Gramps ID P0044


  1. Adolph Frederic Anton Schmahl [P1509]
  2. Alan Cameron Godolphin Rowe [P3403]
  3. Albert Goode [P1734]
  4. Albert Norman Morris [P2840]
  5. Alexander Goodall [P560]
  6. Alexander McIvor Campbell [P3]
  7. Andrew Winwood Manzie [P3531]
  8. Dorothy May Sweeting [P2947]
  9. Edith Sarah Watsford [P2845]
  10. Emily Chappelow [P1733]
  11. Ernest Jack Steeples [P563]
  12. Evelyn Augustus Robinson [P1192]
  13. Family of Albert Goode and Emily Chappelow [F0407]
  14. Family of Albert Norman Morris and Mary Margaret Muriel Cannon [F0851]
  15. Family of Alexander Goodall and Mary Cross [F0472]
  16. Family of Ernest Jack Steeples and Fay Keatch [F0233]
  17. Family of Ernest Jack Steeples and Maureen McHugh [F0232]
  18. Family of William Richard Judge and Evelyn Augustus Robinson [F0205]
  19. Family of William Richard Judge and Mary Jane Hewitt [F0204]
  20. Fay Keatch [P1268]
  21. Frederick Bessell Chidgey [P2580]
  22. George Charles Avery [P3948]
  23. Gladys May Ellis [P168]
  24. Herbert William Stap [P2509]
  25. John Campbell [P775]
  26. Margaret Craig Knight [P3943]
  27. Mary Cross [P559]
  28. Mary Jane Ann Krushka [P820]
  29. Mary Jane Hewitt [P1191]
  30. Mary Jane Sweet [P46]
  31. Mary Margaret Muriel Cannon [P2685]
  32. Maureen McHugh [P1265]
  33. Michael Howard Anthony Danks [P1683]
  34. Patrick Kiernan Cannon [P2854]
  35. Stanley George Burkett [P1378]
  36. Walter Robert Sweeting [P2950]
  37. William Edward Hamilton [P441]
  38. William Richard Judge [P1069]