Queensland, Australia


  1. Agnes Janet Stuart
  2. Angela Mary McGrath
  3. Audrey Emma Lean
  4. Barry Stewart Campbell
  5. Caroline Ada Bessell
  6. Charles Ford
  7. Clarence Cross Campbell
  8. Dorothy May Waddell
  9. Edward Dudley Drane
  10. Edward Pierre Anchen
  11. Edwin William Pavey Rose
  12. Enid Caroline Lean
  13. Eric Charles Lockwood
  14. Family of Clarence Cross Campbell and Mary Dorothea Herbert
  15. Family of Edward Dudley Drane and Gladys May Ellis
  16. Family of Edwin William Pavey Rose and Ruth May Lawson Brickwood
  17. Family of Herbert Hurst Farey and Angela Mary McGrath
  18. Family of Jacob Surawski and Margaret Schicotski
  19. Family of John Avery and Mary Margaret Surawski
  20. Family of John Leo Staunton and Philomena Martha Mather
  21. Family of Kyrle Cyril Lean and Violet Sharland
  22. Family of Michael John Finn and Jessie Mary Agnes Winslade
  23. Family of Percy Philip Ellis and Janet McDougall Fleming
  24. Family of Percy William Wheeler and Mary Florence Coulsen
  25. Family of Robert James Herbert and Katherine Agnes Lynch
  26. Family of Robert William Nielsen and Mary Josephine Riley
  27. Family of Ronald William Matthews and Winnifred Hope Cox
  28. Family of Roy Bert Seddon and Dorothy May Waddell
  29. Family of Sinclair James Manson and Gladys May Ellis
  30. Family of Thomas Allen Kirby and Lillian Ruth Elizabeth Wade
  31. George Albert Bessell
  32. George Robert Clemann
  33. Gladys May Ellis
  34. Gloria Catherine Avery
  35. Herbert Hurst Farey
  36. Irene Avery
  37. Jacob Surawski
  38. Janet McDougall Fleming
  39. Jessie Mary Agnes Winslade
  40. John Avery
  41. John Herbert Hyland
  42. John Leo Staunton
  43. June Campbell
  44. Katherine Agnes Lynch
  45. Kyrle Cyril Lean
  46. Lillian Ruth Elizabeth Wade
  47. Mandia Violet Olsen
  48. Margaret Schicotski
  49. Mary Cecilia Creamer
  50. Mary Dorothea Herbert
  51. Mary Florence Coulsen
  52. Mary Josephine Riley
  53. Mary Margaret Surawski
  54. Maurice Llewellyn Campbell
  55. Michael John Finn
  56. Michael Joseph Hobbin
  57. Patrick Campbell
  58. Patsy Avery
  59. Percy Philip Ellis
  60. Percy Walker William Wheeler
  61. Percy William Wheeler
  62. Philomena Martha Mather
  63. Renault Michael Nielsen
  64. Renault William Nielsen
  65. Rita Aster Nielsen
  66. Robert James Herbert
  67. Robert John Campbell
  68. Robert William Nielsen
  69. Ronald William Matthews
  70. Roy Bert Seddon
  71. Ruth May Lawson Brickwood
  72. Sinclair James Manson
  73. Stephen Thomas Lean
  74. Sydney Harold Robertson
  75. Sylvia Katherine Thurecht
  76. Thomas Allen Kirby
  77. Violet Sharland
  78. William Richard Judge
  79. Winnifred Hope Cox