Newham, Victoria, Australia

Gramps ID P0024


  1. Alexander Duncan Campbell [P6]
  2. Alexander John Ingram [P1524]
  3. Alexander McDonald [P14]
  4. Alexander McIvor Campbell [P3]
  5. Alexander McKinnon [P642]
  6. Andrew David Adamson [P667]
  7. Annie Bowman [P630]
  8. Duncan McDonald [P4]
  9. Duncan McKinnon [P640]
  10. Duncan McKinnon [P643]
  11. Edwin James Watts [P1538]
  12. Elizabeth Catherine Knibbs [P3412]
  13. Family of Alexander McIvor Campbell and Isabella McDonald [F0098]
  14. Family of Andrew David Adamson and Flora McKinnon [F0311]
  15. Family of Edwin James Watts and Jean Jessie Sophia McKinnon [F0325]
  16. Family of James Adamson and Marion McKinnon [F0326]
  17. Family of John Campbell and Elizabeth Catherine Knibbs [F1116]
  18. Family of John Ingram and Isabella McKinnon [F1329]
  19. Flora McDonald [P11]
  20. Flora McKinnon [P639]
  21. Horace Duncan McKinnon [P1532]
  22. Irene Grace Ingram [P1523]
  23. Isabella McDonald [P1]
  24. Isabella McKinnon [P649]
  25. James Adamson [P668]
  26. Jean Jessie Sophia McKinnon [P651]
  27. Jessie Gibson Pimblett [P678]
  28. John Alexander McDonald [P625]
  29. John Campbell [P3414]
  30. John Ingram [P1525]
  31. Marion McDonald [P2]
  32. Marion McKinnon [P638]
  33. Mary Ann McKinnon [P637]
  34. Ruth Boldiston [P650]