Rankins Springs, New South Wales, Australia

Gramps ID P0053


  1. Alexander Duncan Campbell [P6]
  2. Alexander Ian Campbell [P41]
  3. Dorothy Irene Waters [P427]
  4. Effie Campbell [P38]
  5. Family of Russell Christopher Martin and Margaret Jeannie Campbell [F0066]
  6. Family of Wallace McDonald Campbell and Violet Agnes Maher [F0056]
  7. Gordon Duncan Campbell [P43]
  8. Margaret Jeannie Campbell [P40]
  9. Mary Jane Sweet [P46]
  10. Russell Christopher Martin [P431]
  11. Violet Agnes Maher [P434]
  12. Wallace Duncan Campbell [P50]
  13. Wallace McDonald Campbell [P39]
  14. William Edward Hamilton [P443]