Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Gramps ID P0163


  1. Albert Benjamin George Dawson [P1495]
  2. Alexander Francis William Scott [P2132]
  3. Alexander McIvor Campbell [P3]
  4. Eric William Phillips [P53]
  5. Family of Albert Benjamin George Dawson and Jessie Ailsa McKinnon [F0306]
  6. Family of Alexander Francis William Scott and Myra Pearl Marston [F0532]
  7. Family of Alexander McIvor Campbell and Isabella McDonald [F0098]
  8. Family of Thomas Henry Bessell and Mary Jane Ann Krushka [F0128]
  9. Gordon Richard Mann [P2010]
  10. Henry Phillips [P80]
  11. Isabella McDonald [P1]
  12. Jessie Ailsa McKinnon [P680]
  13. Joseph Richard Cooper [P58]
  14. Mary Jane Ann Krushka [P820]
  15. Myra Pearl Marston [P2113]
  16. Norman McLean Campbell [P45]
  17. Peter Griffin [P67]
  18. Thomas Henry Bessell [P274]
  19. William Griffin [P55]
  20. Winnie May White [P2749]