Perth, Western Australia, Australia


  1. Annie Agnes Reeve
  2. Charles Herbert Williams
  3. Charles Small Anderson
  4. Edith Ellen Head
  5. Edith Florence Wade
  6. Edwin Hennessey Kramer
  7. Emily Phyllis Reeve
  8. Esmeralda Olive May Caple
  9. Family of Edwin Hennessey Kramer and Kathleen Elizabeth Reynolds
  10. Family of Francis Oliver William Anderson and Esmeralda Olive May Caple
  11. Family of George Rodney Levitt and Joan Alice Spencer
  12. Family of John Barrett Redfern and Lola Elizabeth Stephens
  13. Family of Leonard Walter Hill Fray and Gwendoline Daisy May Fray
  14. Family of Leslie Charles Williams and Edith Florence Wade
  15. Family of Raymond George Horley and Ida Isabella Box
  16. Francis Oliver William Anderson
  17. George Herbert Payne
  18. George Rodney Levitt
  19. George William Stap
  20. Gwendoline Daisy May Fray
  21. Ida Isabella Box
  22. Joan Alice Spencer
  23. John Barrett Redfern
  24. Joyce Margaret Whitby
  25. Kathleen Elizabeth Reynolds
  26. Leonard Walter Hill Fray
  27. Leslie Charles Williams
  28. Lola Elizabeth Stephens
  29. Maitland Reeve
  30. Matilda Harvey
  31. Phoebe Reeve
  32. Phyllis May Tomkins
  33. Raymond George Horley
  34. Richard Reeve
  35. Robert Martin Buggy
  36. Roderick Ian McRae
  37. Wilfred Arthur Levitt
  38. William James Clarke
  39. William Reeve
  40. William Robert Thomas Goggin