Macclesfield, South Australia, Australia

Gramps ID P0271


  1. Alfred Howlett [P143]
  2. Blanche Caroline Mary Berry [P2983]
  3. Elizabeth Burnbridge Maidment [P183]
  4. Ernest William Pearson [P333]
  5. Family of Ernest William Pearson and Blanche Caroline Mary Berry [F0913]
  6. Family of George Ellis and Sophia Ransom Maidment [F0015]
  7. Family of John William Wheeler and Jane Harriet Maidment [F0722]
  8. Family of Maylin John Rogers and Julia Olivia Maidment [F0999]
  9. Family of William Hogben and Elizabeth Burnbridge Maidment [F0047]
  10. Family of William Joseph Maidment and Hannah Rogers [F0021]
  11. George Ellis [P112]
  12. Hannah Rogers [P203]
  13. Henry Howlett [P145]
  14. Jane Harriet Maidment [P178]
  15. John William Wheeler [P217]
  16. Julia Olivia Maidment [P179]
  17. Maylin John Rogers [P206]
  18. Sarah Elizabeth Howlett [P98]
  19. Sophia Ransom Maidment [P106]
  20. William Hogben [P202]
  21. William Joseph Maidment [P182]