Burnie, Tasmania, Australia


  1. Agnes Eliza Beaumont
  2. Alfred James Owen Badger
  3. Andrew Thorne Bessell
  4. Athol Wilfred James Naylor
  5. Cecily Winsome Glover
  6. Charlotte Mary Emily Laycock
  7. Coralie Mockford Payne
  8. Edna May Gregory
  9. Enid Alberta Beaumont
  10. Eric William Lloyd Bessell
  11. Ernest Archibald Robert Aulich
  12. Ethel Ruby May Bessell
  13. Family of Ernest Archibald Robert Aulich and Marie Doreen Walkley
  14. Family of Henry Federal Goninon and Ida Abelena Beaumont
  15. Family of James Beaumont and Henrietta Haywood
  16. Family of John Fagan and Julia Maria Hanlon
  17. Family of Leslie Herbert Payne and Ethel Ruby May Bessell
  18. Family of Neil Gilmore Waddle and Jessie Elizabeth Beaumont
  19. Family of Otto James Panitzki and Coralie Mockford Payne
  20. Family of Percy Thomas Yaxley and Myrtle Mildred Beaumont
  21. Family of William Naylor and Agnes Eliza Beaumont
  22. Gordon Charles Payne
  23. Harriett Eliza Garner
  24. Henrietta Haywood
  25. Henry Federal Goninon
  26. Henry James Beaumont
  27. Ida Abelena Beaumont
  28. Inez Alfreda Beaumont
  29. James Beaumont
  30. Janet Waddle
  31. Jessie Elizabeth Beaumont
  32. John Fagan
  33. Julia Maria Hanlon
  34. Karen Louise Waddle
  35. Leslie Herbert Payne
  36. Marie Doreen Walkley
  37. Marie Louise Thorn James
  38. Mervyn George Cornwall
  39. Mona Margaret Jones
  40. Myrtle Mildred Beaumont
  41. Neil Gilmore Waddle
  42. Otto James Panitzki
  43. Percy Thomas Yaxley
  44. Renee Marita Cornwall
  45. Rita Annie Payne
  46. Ronald Stafford Beaumont
  47. Roslyn Isabelle Peck
  48. Ross Raymond Boxhall
  49. Susannah Elizabeth Davis
  50. Walter Randall Gibbs
  51. Wilfred Beaumont
  52. William Bessell
  53. William Naylor