Gramps ID P0192


  1. Anne Gregory [P2822]
  2. Archie William Taylor [P1291]
  3. Charles Bessell [P796]
  4. Dorothy Winifred [P3611]
  5. Family of Reginald William Proctor Beauchamp and Violet Charlotte Julia Maria Jocelyn [F0832]
  6. Family of Robert William John Heatley and Dorothy Winifred [F1243]
  7. Family of William Beauchamp-Proctor and Anne Gregory [F0830]
  8. George Ellis [P112]
  9. George Watson [P2240]
  10. George William Stap [P56]
  11. George Winchester [P3984]
  12. Joan Underwood [P208]
  13. Mary Scammell [P210]
  14. Peter Mockford Payne [P279]
  15. Reginald William Proctor Beauchamp [P2826]
  16. Robert Brierley [P1089]
  17. Robert Clive Heatley [P3550]
  18. Robert Maidment [P214]
  19. Robert William John Heatley [P3577]
  20. Ruth May Lawson Brickwood [P844]
  21. Sarah Ann Hogben [P361]
  22. Violet Charlotte Julia Maria Jocelyn [P2827]
  23. William Beauchamp-Proctor [P2823]