Carlton, Victoria, Australia

Gramps ID P0183


  1. Agnes Maud Mourant [P3315]
  2. Allan Richard Chesher [P3280]
  3. Alma Myrtle Cooper [P2123]
  4. Ann Nerrena Knibbs [P464]
  5. Betty Joan Rodwell [P1812]
  6. Caroline Oldroyd [P2842]
  7. Catherine Wotherspoon [P3764]
  8. Charles Donald Laycock [P1007]
  9. Charles Orange Phillpot [P1772]
  10. Charles Orange Phillpot [P2876]
  11. Charles Rex Darroch [P2417]
  12. Charles William Perry Howlett [P323]
  13. Charles William Young [P1212]
  14. Clifford John McNeilage [P2976]
  15. Dorothy Irene Waters [P425]
  16. Dorothy May Bessell [P1835]
  17. Edward Alexander Darroch [P2418]
  18. Edward Charles Phillpot [P2877]
  19. Edward Wells [P2980]
  20. Effie Lee Patullo [P3654]
  21. Elizabeth Alice Utting [P1213]
  22. Elizabeth Gertrude Griffin [P3175]
  23. Emil Christopher Bazin [P2886]
  24. Emily Pollington Bessell [P819]
  25. Ethel Catherine McConnell [P3516]
  26. Eunice Hazel Ballis [P1632]
  27. Euphemia Ellen Williams [P1008]
  28. Eva Maud Davis [P3680]
  29. Family of John Howlett and Lucy Amelia Perry [F0040]
  30. Family of Neil Alexander McKinnon and Judith Emily Stone [F0321]
  31. Florence Kelly [P3294]
  32. Frank Rogerson Hall [P2972]
  33. Gertrude Elizabeth Parkinson [P2437]
  34. Gertrude May Lewis [P2106]
  35. Gladys Edna Living [P1067]
  36. Gladys Roma Young [P1210]
  37. Harold Nettleton [P2433]
  38. Harold Percival Adamson [P664]
  39. Henry McNamara [P3687]
  40. Herbert Leslie Wright [P2903]
  41. Imelda Mary Pearce [P3777]
  42. Irene Beatrice Markham [P904]
  43. Jack Alexander Johnson [P3537]
  44. James Griffin [P365]
  45. Jean Lillian Stella Laycock [P1005]
  46. Jill Mary Ellis [P73]
  47. Joan Townsend [P1106]
  48. John Howlett [P137]
  49. John Thomas Gleeson [P1809]
  50. John Thomas Laycock [P236]
  51. Joseph Tolbert Cooper [P2116]
  52. Judith Emily Stone [P1541]
  53. Kate Rebecca Bessell [P814]
  54. Keitha Victoria Gibbs [P2871]
  55. Leonard John Fryer [P3236]
  56. Leslie Frank Jolliffe [P2496]
  57. Lillian May Griffin [P65]
  58. Louisa Freeman [P375]
  59. Louise Gwendolyn Abell [P3575]
  60. Lucy Amelia Perry [P345]
  61. Margaret Bowman [P629]
  62. Margaret Ellen Sweet [P485]
  63. Marie Coyle [P379]
  64. Marie Veronica Boyd [P3247]
  65. Mary Eileen McDonald [P3259]
  66. Mary Jane Prentice [P1363]
  67. May Clemann [P1237]
  68. Mollie Yaxley [P1785]
  69. Muriel Janet Griffin [P3272]
  70. Neil Alexander McKinnon [P1535]
  71. Neville Henry William Phillips [P54]
  72. Olive Marion Johnson [P3532]
  73. Olive Merle Living [P1066]
  74. Patricia Raie Thouliss [P2289]
  75. Pauline Alexina Jecks [P2879]
  76. Richard Harry Lawrence Rodwell [P79]
  77. Robert Murray Heatley [P3551]
  78. Samuel Lewis Laycock [P953]
  79. Veronica Annie McNamara [P3310]
  80. William Bowman [P634]