John Campbell

Birth Name Campbell, John 1a
Also Known As McIvor, John
Gramps ID P829
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Residence 1800 Glenmeanie, Ross-shire, Scotland Presumably resident when Roderick, his son, was born.
Occupation 1820   Farmer. Whiskey distillation


    Family of John Campbell and Margaret McRae [F0131]
Unknown Partner Margaret McRae [P828]
  1. Roderick Campbell [P707]
  2. Kate Campbell [P830]


    1. John Campbell
      1. Margaret McRae [P828]
        1. Roderick Campbell [P707]
        2. Kate Campbell [P830]

Source References

  1. Australia Death Index, 1787-1985 [S-2088131544]
      • General:

      • Source text:

        Birth date: abt 1789 Birth place: Death date: 1854 Death place: Victoria