This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Wide. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Albert G 1871     Frederick Wide Sarah
Elias 1869     William Wide Elizabeth
Elizabeth about 1842     James Wide Jane Sweet
Elizabeth 1864     William Wide Elizabeth
Elizabeth J 1868     Frederick Wide Sarah
Emma 1855     James Wide Jane Sweet
Frederick about 1835   Sarah James Wide Jane Sweet
Frederick 1871     William Wide Elizabeth
George Charles 1848 1889-04-00 Mary Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Gladys 1915-10-29 1998-12-19 Thomas Nelson Vincent Rees Thomas William Wide Elizabeth Ann Evans
Harry about 1842     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Henry about 1845     James Wide Jane Sweet
Henry 1862     William Wide Elizabeth
James 1808 1881-04-00 Jane Sweet  
James Edwin about 1851     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Kenneth Stanley 1928-04-00 2015 William Stanley Wide Emily Ethel Grayer
Mark about 1847     James Wide Jane Sweet
Mary about 1847     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Mary Ann 1865     William Wide Elizabeth
Mary Ellen about 1877 1955-01-00 Phillip Hester George Charles Wide Mary
Robert about 1829     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Rosella about 1844     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Rosella 1868     William Wide Elizabeth
Sarah about 1831 1927-09-07 George Palfrey Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Simon 1847     James Wide Jane Sweet
Susan 1848     James Wide Jane Sweet
Thomas about 1845     Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
Thomas about 1792 1883-10-00 Mary Sweeting  
Thomas William 1875 1964-03-00 Elizabeth Ann Evans George Charles Wide Mary
Walter 1853     James Wide Jane Sweet
William 1836   Elizabeth Thomas Wide Mary Sweeting
William 1859     William Wide Elizabeth
William Stanley about 1894 1962-11-25 Emily Ethel Grayer Emily Ethel Grayer