This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Brown. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Charles     Maria Jacques  
Charles Christopher 1868-10-15 1904-05-02 Charlotte Laycock Charles Brown Maria Jacques
Charles William about 1894 1926-11-09 Emily Frances McKenzie  
Ethel Lillian 1895 1973 Lionel Alfred Morrall Charles Christopher Brown Charlotte Laycock
Florence Yolla Louise 1892 1977   Charles Christopher Brown Charlotte Laycock
Geoffrey Ian 1931-09-29 1990-12-11   Ophir Lawrence Brown Doreen Ruby Ellis
James     Amy Frances Markham  
John     Mary  
John Connell 1889-10-22 1973-08-04 Fanny Elizabeth Beauchamp William Henry Thomas Brown Julia Angela Lucy Connell
Lorna Elaine 1930-05-16 2016-04-16 Alfred George Rowley Sastrum Emily Frances McKenzie
Lottie Edith Nellie 1893-03-10 1982 Joseph Harold Laycock  
Margaret Ann 1941-03-10 2000-07-30 Stanley Clarence Adams  
Ophir Lawrence 1901-07-17 1982-06-04 Doreen Ruby Ellis  
Phyllis Margaret 1920-05-06 1992-03-24 Alexander Goodall Campbell, Archie William Taylor Walter George Brown Maude Agnes Pearce
Sadie     Alexander Norman Barlow, Stanley Chapman John Brown Mary
Walter George 1891-12-15 1979-06-01 Maude Agnes Pearce  
William Henry Thomas 1837-08-31 1926-07-21 Julia Angela Lucy Connell