This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Maidment. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Albert Ernest 1879-06-22 1965-05-05 Mary Ann Goldsack George James Maidment Fanny Selina Scown
Betsy 1797   Charles Burbidge Joshua Maidment Jane Williams
Charles about 1795 1865-10-27 Esther Doel Joshua Maidment Jane Williams
Edwin Charles 1820-07-01 1884-08-02 Sarah Ann Hogben, Julia Ann Tee, Josephine Appelkemp Wundenberg Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Elizabeth Burnbridge 1832-08-22 1873-09-18 William Hogben Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Fanny 1824-04-06 1857-06-21 Henry Saltmarsh Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Fanny about 1762     John Maidment Elizabeth Trowbridge
George James 1840 1916-06-14 Fanny Selina Scown Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Harriet 1793     Joshua Maidment Jane Williams
Jane Harriet 1826-12-31 1890-01-16 John William Wheeler Charles Maidment Esther Doel
John 1733-05-05   Elizabeth Trowbridge, Mary Scammell  
Joshua 1767-06-23   Jane Williams John Maidment Elizabeth Trowbridge
Julia Olivia 1845-12-07 1921-01-28 Maylin John Rogers Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Julia Sarah 1855-12-07 1940-03-17 Francis John Bradford William Joseph Maidment Hannah Rogers
Mary Ann Horrell 1837 1841   Charles Maidment Esther Doel
Ronald Lloyd 1916 1997-08-14 Sylvia Joyce Wehr Albert Ernest Maidment Mary Ann Goldsack
Sophia Ransom 1828-10-03 1906-10-25 George Ellis Charles Maidment Esther Doel
William 1791 1825   Joshua Maidment Jane Williams
William 1764     John Maidment Elizabeth Trowbridge
William Joseph 1835-02-08 1898-08-07 Hannah Rogers Charles Maidment Esther Doel