This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Thorn. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Ann about 1846     Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett
Benjamin 1777-04-06     Joseph Thorn Agnes Stone
Edward about 1849     Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett
Edward 1861     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Edward 1822-06-09 1875-11-02 Eliza Trimlett Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
Eliza Fanny 1844-01-00   Michael Coughlin Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett
Elizabeth 1854     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Elizabeth about 1832     Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
Emanuel 1849   Phillis Lancaster Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Emanuel about 1828   Harriet Griffiths Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
George 1850     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
George about 1827   Mary Clode Spencer Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
George Henry Davis 1856-10-00     George Thorn Mary Clode Spencer
Harriet 1852     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Joseph about 1853     Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett
Joseph 1816-12-22   Mary Bessell Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
Joseph   about 1780 Agnes Stone  
Joseph 1772-01-12     Joseph Thorn Agnes Stone
Phillis Jane about 1876 1934-09-00 Emanuel Thorn Phillis Lancaster
Rosa 1857     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Samuel 1859     Emanuel Thorn Harriet Griffiths
Samuel about 1780 1857-10-00 Frances Jones Joseph Thorn Agnes Stone
Sarah about 1816     Samuel Thorn Frances Jones
Selina about 1845     Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett
William H about 1856     Edward Thorn Eliza Trimlett