This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Roffey. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Benjamin about 1825 about 1869 Susannah Legge Richard Roffey Hannah Ellis
Charlotte Hannah about 1831 1859 Spencer Leigh Richard Roffey Hannah Ellis
Daphne Marguerite 1925-03-21 2002-06-04 Edward R Weller Frederick Albert Roffey Kate Mitford
Emily 1855     John Ellis Roffey Mary Ann Robinson
Frederick Albert 1892 1967-01-23 Kate Mitford Thomas Roffey Maryann James
George William about 1815 1863-12-00 Eliza Head Richard Roffey Hannah Ellis
Harriet Hannah 1848 1897-03-10 George Mitcham John Ellis Roffey Mary Ann Robinson
John Ellis about 1823 1878-04-00 Mary Ann Robinson Richard Roffey Hannah Ellis
John James 1853 1918-01-00 Caroline John Ellis Roffey Mary Ann Robinson
Margaret Hannah about 1841   William Cross George William Roffey Eliza Head
Mary Ann about 1850   William Howell John Ellis Roffey Mary Ann Robinson
Richard about 1785 1853-06-00 Hannah Ellis Richard Roffey Jane
Richard     Jane  
Thomas 1851-09-19 1926 Maryann James Benjamin Roffey Susannah Legge