This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Ware. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
    Robert Ware Jane Mutter
Alfred 1861-03-00   James Ware Mary Ann
Ann 1866     James Ware Mary Ann
Anne Sophia 1864 1910 Henry Josiah Thomas Frencham William Rivers Ware Ann Burridge
Charles 1794-07-20 1884-10-12 Unna Ann Curtis  
Clara 1867     James Ware Mary Ann
Edward 1865     James Ware Mary Ann
Edwin about 1855     James Ware Mary Ann
Eliza about 1845     James Ware Mary Ann
Elizabeth Barbara Robinson 1859-01-27 1928-09-26 Robert Sweeting William Rivers Ware Ann Burridge
Emma Jane 1864-09-00 1928-11-04 Robert Phillip Jones James Ware Mary Ann
Frederick George 1860-10-00     William Rivers Ware Ann Burridge
George about 1857     James Ware Mary Ann
George about 1764 1846-05-31 Mary Matthews George Ware Grace
George     Grace  
George about 1802     George Ware Mary Matthews
Hilda 1891-09-00 1953-09-00 William Stephen Lenahan, James Dempsey Alfred Ware
James 1822-05-00 1907-05-25 Mary Ann Robert Ware Jane Mutter
James about 1845     James Ware Mary Ann
James Alfred 1898-03-00     Alfred Ware
Joel about 1799     George Ware Mary Matthews
John about 1847 1903   James Ware Mary Ann
John 1759   Mary Pope George Ware Grace
Maria about 1804 1869-12-24 John Sumption John Ware Mary Pope
Martha about 1853     James Ware Mary Ann
Mary 1791 1873-01-00 James Dimond George Ware Mary Matthews
Mary Ann about 1859     James Ware Mary Ann
Robert about 1843     Ware
Robert about 1796 1866-07-24 Jane Mutter George Ware Mary Matthews
Samuel about 1795   Thamsin George Ware Mary Matthews
Sarah about 1810 1892-01-10 John Sweet George Ware Mary Matthews
William Rivers 1831 1903-07-29 Ann Burridge Charles Ware Unna Ann Curtis
William Walter 1861 1918-08-10   William Rivers Ware Ann Burridge