25 Feb 1892. Approval to issue deed of grant for selection 529 to Alexander Campbell. 25 Jul 1885. 529 Cairns Homestead Description 25 Jul 1885. 529 Cairns Homestead Description (copy 2)
23 Jan 1892. Application by Alexander Campbell to purchase 539 Cairns. 18 May 1884. Certificate of Fulfilment of Conditions by Selector. "...as an Act of Grace" 30 Oct 1891. Cairns Land Court recommends that Certificate of Fullfillment of Conditions be issued as an Act of Grace.
2 Oct 1891. Alexander Campbell's deposition requesting an Act of Grace from the Queensland Government so he can acquired selection 539. Mentions his recent history in NSW. 2 Oct 1891. Continuation of deposition to Cairns Land Court. "Referred to the Miniser for Lands" 28 Aug 1891. Proof of Fulfilment of Conditions on Selection 539.
25 Aug 1891. Report on selection 539. 25 Aug 1891. Report on selection 539, page 2. 25 Aug 1891. Report on selection 539, page 3.
25 Aug 1891. Report on selection 539, page 4. 3 Sep 1891. Land Agent, Robert Stuart, representing Alexander Campbell. 30 Oct 1889. Reversal of Foreiture on payment of rent in arrears, including late payment penalty.
3 Sep 1889. Crown Lands Ranger report. 5 Sep 1889. Granting extension for time for applying for Certificate of Fulfilment. 5 Sep 1889. Cairns Crown Land official asking Undersecretary of Lands in Brisbane if it is okay to accept very late payment of rent in arrears.
24 Aug 1889. Additional information regarding non-payment of rent. 24 Aug 1889. Crown Lands Ranger report. 8 Aug 1889. Memo regarding non-payment of rent.
8 Nov 1886. Alexander Campbell requests extension of time before he begins occupation of 539. He is living in Richmond River, NSW, and working for the Colonial Sugar Company as a cane cutter. 2 Sep 1886. Reversal of Forfeiture. 19 Sep 1884. Selection 539 property map.
19 Apr 1886. Note that rent in arrears has been paid. 25 Jul 1885. Note that rent has been demanded from Alexander Campbell. 17 Jul 1884. Memo that Alexander Campbell had never held a selection in Queensland.
23 May 1884. Application to Select a Homestead, with Alexander Campbell's signature. 1 Sep 1881. 539 Selection description. 1 Sep 1881. Description of selection.
Dunwich Benevolent Asylum, admitted 17 Nov 1896, entry 3403. Dunwich funeral record. Died 26 June 1915. 17 Nov 1896. Alexander McIvor Campbell Dunwich admission record. History transcription: Came to Adelaide 45 years ago. Was in S.A. 12 months on sheep station then to Victoria. Was in Victoria 17 years mining and stations. Then to Sydney was there 20 years on Clarence and Richmond at sugar mills, etc. Then to Queensland on sugar plantations on Herbert River - was there 15 months and at sugar mills ever since.

Last 2 years farming at Cairns and in the Townsville Hospital.
No money, no property and no relatives in Queensland.