This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of <absent>. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Alice Sylvia Joyce     Michael Francis Sweet  
Alma Mary     Neil Gilmore Waddle  
Aurora     Cyril Edward Lewis  
Barbara Anne     Eric Albert Campbell  
Betty     Thomas James Gilligan  
Betty Joan 1925-05-07 2014-02-01 Walter Harry Christopher McArthur  
Bonnie     William Alfred Lockwood  
Carolyn Joy      
Catherine 1798   William McKinnon  
Claire     Reginald Norman Smith  
Doris     Edward James Wilson  
Dorothy     George Ware  
Dorothy Winifred     Robert William John Heatley  
Edna Rose 1912-03-31 2004-08-13 Reginald John Peter Kelly  
Elizabeth 1831   George Martin  
Emma about 1843   Henry Williamson  
Ethel about 1890 1975-08-21 Herbert E Robbins  
Eva     Alister Stuart McKinnon  
Fay Lavinia about 1939 1983-01-14 William Joseph Bessell  
Gilbert     Lorna Phyllis Liversidge  
Gwenda     Ronald Hugh Maxwell Hurst  
Gwenneth Maude     Alwyn Charles Bessell  
Hannah about 1780   Job Doel  
Helena Mary     Anthony George Pearce  
Henrietta   1953-01-26 Rex Campbell  
Ida Olive      
Irene     Peter Mockford Payne  
Irene Georgina 1933-08-21 2003-07-29  
Jane about 1820   John Ware  
Jane     Martin Judge  
Jessie Beryl     Henry James Hastings  
Joan Alice about 1925 2010-12-18 George Rodney Levitt  
Kathleen Joy 1944-06-09 2010-11-12  
Lillian May     Ernest William Clemann  
Lina Elaine      
Lorraine Jean     Ramon Francis Vila  
Lorraine Noela      
Lucy J about 1849   John C Drake  
Maisie     Lawrence Francis Kressen  
Margaret Jean     Ronald Keith Benn  
Marjorie Victoria     Ronald Henry Pollington  
Marjorie Violet      
Mary     Edward Williamson  
Mary     Donald McDonald  
Mary about 1811   John Cooper  
Mary Ann about 1824 1897-07-00 James Ware  
Mary Patricia      
Mavis Allison     Eric George Bessell  
Mona Margaret     Leslie Jack Bessell  
Nancy Katherine      
Olive May about 1913 1992-04-14 Terence Raymond Bessell  
Pauline Mavis     Kenneth Charles Young  
Ruth     Walter William Benn  
Sarah about 1801   Edward Williamson  
Shirley Mavis     Walter George Sweeting  
Shirley May     Ronald George Townsend  
Stella Irene     Louis William James Frick  
Susanna     Francis Waterford Davis  
Susannah     Benjamin Winter  
Wanda 1915-05-15 2003-12-31 Anatol Hrynko