Stacey Campbell
Stacey Campbell
Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California
FPGA digital design in Verilog and SystemVerilog, complex high-bandwidth fixed point filters, timing closure, simulation and validation
New Adventure, Los Angeles, California, January 2024–
Independent Consultant, Los Angeles, California, May 2023–December 2023
  • High-bandwidth broadcast video pipeline.
Johnson & Johnson MedTech (formerly Auris Health), Westlake Village, California — March 2020–April 2023
Principal Engineer, Digital Design
  • Stereo rectification integrated with bi-cubic upscaling for 4K stereo monitor display.
  • Xilinx GTH, SelectIO, and NI-DRU 8b10b input/output at various frequencies.
  • Hybrid SPI and I2C implementations for non-compliant peripherals.
  • Xilinx Video Processing Subsystem to implement 12G SDI.
  • Ported substantial Intel/Altera ArriaV based project to a Xilinx UltraScale+ platform.
Red Digital Cinema, Thousand Oaks, California — November 2014–March 2020
Senior Principal, Digital Design
Panavision, Woodland Hills, California — January 2011–October 2014
Senior Engineer — Digital Design
  • Design and implementation of 8K (7680x3240) 60fps CMOS sensor correction logic and image processing pipeline.
AltaSens, Westlake Village, California — January 2008–January 2011
Senior Scientist
  • HD video processing pipeline development.
  • Sensor yield analysis.
  • Automated randomized RTL and gate-level ASIC verification.
Micron Technology, Pasadena, California — August 2006–December 2007
Team Lead — CMOS Imager Applications Engineering
  • Managed CMOS Imager Applications Engineering team.
ESS Technology (formerly Sierra Imaging, Conexant Systems, then Pictos Technologies), Scotts Valley, California; Melbourne, Australia — August 1996–August 2006

SoC and Image Processing ASIC Development

  • Established ASIC development simulation test environment integrated with firmware development environment.
  • Image processing ASIC verification for Raptor, Raptor II, and Raptor III products.
  • Authored table driven assembler for custom DSP and processing blocks within each ASIC.
Digital Still Camera Firmware Development
  • Designed, implemented and documented digital camera control firmware.
  • Hardware drivers for lens stepper motors; non-volatile memory devices; NTSC, PAL and LCD display devices; CDS chips; etc.
  • Designed and implemented high-speed autofocus algorithm.
  • Ported open source MP3 codec to embedded environment.
Anyware Fast, San Jose, California — May 1995–August 1996
  • SCO compatible X Server drivers and configuration files for PCI graphics adapters using Cirrus GD5436 and GD5446 video chips.
  • Ported 3D video game from 3DO to Sony Playstation (MIPS R3000) using Sony's Playstation 1 development platform.
  • Ported Sun's XIL imaging library for C++ and C to HP/UX.
Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, California — February 1994–April 1995
  • Coordinated Intel x86 issues for XGL (SunSoft's 3D graphics library).
  • Integrated and qualified third-party developed 3D graphics drivers for XGL.
  • Compiled performance and quality numbers for XGL on x86 platforms.
  • Device driver work for the Sun CG6 3D graphics adapter.
The Santa Cruz Operation, Santa Cruz, California — July 1989–February 1994
HCR (Human Computing Resources), Toronto, Canada — November 1987–May 1989
  • Ported Oracle's V5.1 RDBMS, V6.0 RDBMS and associated utilities from 32 bit Unix environment to Control Data Corporation Cyber 180 supercomputers.
Languages: Verilog, SystemVerilog, C, bash scripting
Tools: Vivado, Vitis, Vivado Debug (formerly Chipscope), git, Emacs Verilog-mode, Quartus, Signal Tap, Lattice Diamond, Lattice Reveal
Operating Systems: Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Microsoft WSL
Other: Xilinx UltraScale+, UltraScale, Kintex-7, AXI4, SMPTE ST 2082, Altera/Intel Arria V
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, 1988.
  • HSC, Frankston High School, Victoria, Australia, 1980
  • Year 11, Galen Catholic College, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia, 1979
  • Year 10, Wangaratta Technical School, 1978
  • Years 7-9, Ballam Park Technical School, Frankston, 1975-77
  • Years P-6, Overport Primary School, Frankston, 1968-74
Australia, United States