Stacey Campbell

Birth of George Ellis (d. 17 July 1905, South Australia)

[Note: As of April 2020 I consider the case for George Ellis's birthplace and parents proven and will likely not be providing further updates to this page.]

I am not aware of an Australian primary source (what's this?) that documents the birthplace or parents of my great-great grandfather, George Ellis. George's granddaughter's birthday book records his birth date as 11 June 1820.

This page describes autosomal DNA and documentary evidence that George's parents were Benjamin Ellis and Hannah Agent, that the birthdate in his granddaughter's birthday book is correct, and that he was baptised on 9 July 1820, a month after his birth, at St George's Church in the rural locale of Crowhurst, Surrey, England.

Proposed Family Tree

Autosomal DNA Evidence

My late mother Jill Mary Ellis performed the autosomal DNA test. Mum was the great granddaughter of George Ellis. Mum's DNA kit matches many triangulated Ellis relatives in Australia. One of my siblings and I have taken the Ancestry DNA test, and at that site we also match many of the Australian-born descendants of George Ellis.

Both my mother's 23andme DNA kit and her childrens' Ancestry DNA kits match descendants of a sibling, and descendants of cousins, of the George Ellis baptised 9 July 1820 in Crowhurst. These autosomal DNA matches also match with my 1st, 2nd and 3rd cousins who are descendants of the George Ellis who died in South Australia in 1905.

Descendant of sibling or cousin
of Crowhurst George Ellis
DNA Match
Australian George Ellis DescendantMatch
A785547 (Lynne)
Descendant of George William Roffey,
son of Richard Roffey and Hannah Ellis
M525071 (Jill Mary Ellis)32.0cM 2 segments
A687007 (Robyn)22.4cM 1 segment
A978643 (Rebecca)9.9cM 1 segment
Great-granddaughter of Benjamin Roffey
and Susannah Legge
Stacey Campbell20.4cM 1 segment
M.S. approx. 4th cousin
Abraham Ellis (brother of George Ellis)
is 3x great grandfather
Stacey Campbell24.7cM 1 segment
Cindy George24cM 1 segment
Susan Sapprox. 4th cousin
M.C.approx. 4th cousin
Robyn Sapprox. 4th cousin
Abraham Ellis (brother of George Ellis)
is 3x great grandfather
Janette Ellis39.4cM 2 segments
Cindy George56cM 3 segments
Geraldapprox. 4th cousin
Hannah Agent's brother George Agent
is 3x great grandfather.
Stacey Campbell26cM 2 segments
M.S. approx. 4th cousin
Cindy George11cM 1 segment
Descendant of Hannah Ellis and Richard Roffey's
son John Ellis Roffey
Stacey Campbell7.8cM 1 segment
Descendant of Hannah Agent's brother,
George Agent
Stacey Campbell20cM 2 segments
PEapprox. 4th cousin
Descendant of Elizabeth Agent,
Hannah Agent's sister.
Stacey Campbell10cM 1 segment
Cindy George12cM 2 segments
M.S. approx. 4th cousin
Descendant of John Leopard Holman,
Hannah Agent's maternal uncle.
Stacey Campbell15cM 1 segment
Gerald approx. 4th cousin
Jo approx. 4th cousin
Liz approx. 4th cousin

(For help with match sizes refer to the Shared DNA Relationship Chart at

George Ellis Missing from England

My great-great grandfather George Ellis emigrated from London on the Rajasthan on 27 October 1839. Given only one "George Ellis" was recorded as baptised at Crowhurst in that timeframe, someone with his name, birthplace and approximate birth date should not appear in any England Census returns from 1841 onwards. A comprehensive search of indexed 1841, 1851, 1861, etc England Census returns shows no mention of a George Ellis from Crowhurst. The surviving siblings of George Ellis from Crowhurst, however, do appear in the 1851, 1861, and 1871 England Census returns.

George's infant brother William died in 1826 and his burial was recorded at St George's in Crowhurst. To date no record has been found of a George Ellis of Crowhurst who died in England prior to the 1841 Census.

Based on the accumulated evidence I believe the George Ellis baptised 9 July 1820 in Crowhurst was my great great grandfather.

Many thanks to my cousin Robyn for her extensive research into George Ellis's life.

If you have any corrections, information, etc regarding this case for George Ellis's origin, I'd be happy to hear from you, my email address is above.