Stacey Campbell

My DNA Genealogy Page

If you are here, you might have matched one of my autosomal DNA kits at I have the kits of my mother and two siblings at Gedmatch, as well as myself.

The table below shows Gedmatch kit numbers that are matched by birth and marriage certificates to my Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA).

  • Kits marked with * match with ancestors of the noted person.
  • Kits in parentheses are descendants of the kit listed directly before marked with a +.

Alex­ander McIvor Camp­bell
T797950* T140284+ (A418261, A937054, A623939, A697640)
Isa­bella Mc­Donald
A179816* T140284+ (A418261, A937054, A623939, A697640)
William Sweet
[wife is daughter of brother John]
A795378+ (A699481) A484607+ (A271985)
Ann Sweet
[husband is uncle]
A795378+ (A699481) A484607+ (A271985)
Peter Griffin Jane Deverty Joseph Rich­ard Cooper
Sarah Ann William­son
George Ellis
Sophia Ransom Maid­ment
William Howlett
Mary Hogben
George Bessell
T609728 A441434
Mary Ann Thorne
T609728 A441434
George Allan Laycock
Mary Hannah Beau­mont
Alexander Duncan Campbell Mary Jane Sweet William Griffin Rachel Louisa Cooper Charles Ellis
Sarah Elizabeth Howlett
Andrew Thorne Bessell Mary Laycock
Norman McLean Campbell Evelina Griffin Charles Alfred Ellis Florence Maud Bessell
Wallace Duncan Campbell
M584229 M247352
Jill Mary Ellis
M525071 M584229 M247352
Stacey Ellis Campbell
A510809 M204005

Additional information:

  • If you have a paid Ancestry account, here is a link to myself in my tree.
  • My Family Tree DNA kit number is B69066.
  • I have two autosomal DNA kits at Gedmatch representing myself. I first did an DNA test some years ago, that kit is A510809.
  • At that time wasn't offering testing in Australia (they are now), so I decided to do a test to see if I could match some Australians (which is where I was born), that kit is M204005.
  • My late mother, Jill Mary Ellis, also did a test, M525071.
  • My siblings and I have the same parents. My siblings' kits are M584229 and M247352.
  • If you match the kit(s) A510809, M204005, M584229 and/or M247352, but don't match my mother's kit, M525071, then we are related via my late father, Wallace Duncan Campbell.
  • T797950 belongs to a man in New Zealand with a Y-DNA67 test that matches my Y-DNA67 test with a 90% certainty that we share a paternal-line common ancestor within 4 generations (98% in 8 generations). The surname/clan of that ancestor was almost certainly McIvor. My sibling with kit M584229 matches T797950 with 15.9cM total. My other sibling and myself do not have meaningful autosomal DNA matches with T797950.

Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions or corrections. My email address is at the top of the page.