Stacey Campbell
Grandpa (Norman McLean Campbell) and Nana (Evelina Griffin) with Cindy and
Grandpa (Norman McLean Campbell) and Nana (Evelina Griffin) with Cindy and me at the Baileyana St house in Frankston, about 1966.
Cindy, Tamara and Stacey.  Around 1972, at our house in Frankston. Cindy and me at the Baileyana St house, 1968(?). Myself and Cindy at the Cameron's in Dandenong, 1969(?). Dad's Holden ute. Cindy, January 1963. This is my dad, Wallace Campbell, giving me a lifelong cure for the habit of smoking. Little Athletics at Ballam Park, Frankston. March 1, 1975 Me on Don and Bev Smith's show jumper, Precious Gold, at Craigieburn, around 1967. Dingo Dell, Mt Buffalo, 1984 Mum, Dad and me on a Westernport Bay beach, June 1989. Wedding of my parents, Jill Mary Ellis and Wallace Duncan Campbell, September 17, 1960 in Dandenong. Photo of me dated November 13, 1963 (about 6 months old). Honeymoon.  September 1960. Honeymoon.  September 1960. My parents' wedding day, September 1960. Effie Hamilton (nee Campbell), Mary Martin and Marion Fealey. Me, my Dad (Wallace Duncan Campbell), and my Grandpa (Norman McLean Campbell), 1980, at the Heatherhill Rd house in Frankston. Margaret, Effie and Wally Campbell Reg Pascoe, Joyce Campbell, Russ and Margaret Martin, Gordon Campbell, Peter Murphy, Effie Hamilton (nee Campbell), Marion Fealey and Bill Hamilton. Mary Jane Campbell and daughters Anne and Margaret, and Margaret's daughter Delphine McHugh (nee Martin), at Dubbo in 1962. Wallace Campbell dressed as a cowboy.  Likely taken in Frankston around 1942. The Campbell Bakery in Rankins Springs. (lr) Alexander Duncan Campbell, Gordon Duncan Campbell, Rankins Springs, NSW. Gordon Duncan Campbell, Norman McLean Campbell and Roy (Roderick Campbell, 1902-1985 ??) Margaret Jeannie Campbell. Margaret Jeannie Campbell and Effie Campbell. Mary Jane Campbell's (nee Sweet) 90th birthday party.  Gordon Duncan Campbell is in the background. Grandpa (Norman McLean Campbell) and Nana (Evelina Griffin) with Cindy and Dad (Wallace Duncan Campbell), taken about 1950, perhaps by a street Dad and Grandpa, in Frankston after Grandpa enlisted. Wallace McDonald Campbell, son of Alexander Duncan Campbell and Mary Jane Sweet. William and Ann Sweet/Sweeting, parents of Mary Jane Campbell. Alexander Duncan Campbell (my great-grandfather) was born 26 May 1863 in Kyneton, Victoria, and died 15 June 1938 in Rankin's Springs, NSW. (From left) Wallace McDonald Campbell, b. 23 October 1916, Lockhart, NSW; Norman McLean Campbell, b. 24 August 1903, Meeniyan, Victoria, d. 13 February 1991, Reservior, Victoria (my Grandpa); Alexander Duncan Campbell; Gordon Duncan Campbell, b. 3 December 1901, Meeniyan, Victoria. Mary Jane Sweet and her daughter Margaret Jeannie Campbell. Mary Jane Sweet (my great-grandmother) was born Grandpa (Norman McLean Campbell), 17 years old.