Stacey Campbell

Running Spigot on a Raspberry Pi 3

19 July 2016

Spigot runs acceptably well for 3-4 players on a Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Jessie.

Installation is very straightfoward:

  1. A stock Raspberry Pi 3 with correctly rated power supply.
  2. A micro-SD of at least 16G capacity.
  3. Follow the linked instructions to download and build spigot. You are on a Linux platform, use those instructions on the linked page. This operation will take quite a long time, but be patient.
  4. Run spigot.
  5. Once spigot has created its fileset and is at the prompt, stop it with the "halt" command.
  6. Perform some basic lag reduction on assorted configuration files.
  7. Consider downloading and installing a lag-reduction plugin such as ClearLagg.
  8. Restart spigot.

Note: spigot can exit on a "no response" timeout on boot. If this happens then increase settings.timeout-time in spigot.yml. See this post for more information.

That's it! Thanks to all the developers that did the hard work to make this so easy!