Stacey Campbell
Cascada Arroyo Guadalupe - 29 September 2023
This is a photosphere of a then-dry waterfall into an arroyo at the eastern end of the Valle de Guadalupe in northern Baja California, Mexico. A bit further along this trail are the Aguas Termales Valle de Guadalupe (hot springs). The trail starts at the end of a dirt road, with payment of a small fee at a casa pequeña which also has a place to park. We were the only people on the trail mid-week in September, but it's a popular spot for locals and tourists on the weekends. The spring at the end of the trail was indeed agua caliente, though it was a bit slimy and had fish swimming around, so we didn't get in.

In September the only water in the arroyo was from the hot springs, but in winter it's likely the river could make the trail very difficult in places.

If you're a bit tired of the (unfortunately) rapidly developing honk and tonk of the Valle de Guadalupe, this hike is an easy and quiet diversion. Keep your eyes peeled for the irrigated chilli fields at the start of the hike. And do everyone a favor and pack your trash out.

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