Stacey Campbell
 Los Angeles Brush Clearance - May 2024
Los Angeles Brush Clearance - May 2024
The City of Los Angeles fire code requires residents to remove most brush on their properties before the start of fire season. Every winter and spring, after even a small amount of rain, self-seeded exotic weeds pop up on any bare patch on the hills and mountains in and around Los Angeles.

Brush removal is typically done by contractors, it is hot, difficult, and dangerous work. The LA Fire Department requires owners to prove they have adquately removed brush, and if a lot remains uncleared they will dispatch contractors to clear the lot and will bill the owners. Unpaid bills result in a lien on the property, and if you're buying an empty lot in Los Angeles you should check the title for these liens as the costs can be huge. The deadline to complete brush clearance this year was 1 May.

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy owns the uncleared lot in this photo. They are often late in clearing property under their control. A few years ago they hired two herds of goats for the two large lots they own near us. The goats replaced the brush with goat poo in about a week.

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