Stacey Campbell
 Dead Horse Trail - 9 June 2024
Dead Horse Trail - 9 June 2024
We often head over to Topanga State Park for a fairly spectacular hike up to an overlook called Eagle Rock. We usually do the return on Musch Trail which is a single track through some gullies and fields. That turns the hike into a loop rather than an out-and-back.

This day we were stymied by a full parking lot, so on our way back down to Topanga Canyon we instead pulled into the almost empty Dead Horse parking lot and ended up doing a beautiful hike back up to Trippet Ranch via the Dead Horse trail. Pretty much anything that could throw out a flower was doing so. Plus we saw some very active Digger Bees just near Trippet.

Keep your eyes peeled for poison oak near the cooler and wetter parts of the trail.

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